Anti Aging For the Oily Skin Type

Anti-aging Skin Care fоr Oily Skin Type

Aging starts the day we are born, we are a second older then we were a second ago.   We all know aging is inevitable and we all have genes that dictate the rate at which we all age.  However, we all have the ability to affect this rate by modifying our lifestyle and committing to an anti-aging plan that changes with age and conditions and most importantly your skin type.

We all have skin of a different type and we all have skin that reacts uniquely to both insults and treatment. Each skin type requires a unique skin care plan and a unique anti-aging plan that is designed to deal with skin issues while still paying attention to the skin type.  We are using this article to discuss and outline a plan for people who have oily skin types. Oily skin has unique requirements but fortunately oily skin also has the slowest rate of aging of all the skin types. Nevertheless we are going to go over the things a person with oily skin should be doing to slow the aging process and maintain healthy skin.

Anti-Aging Foods and Diet:

Food has an effect on the body, we know that, if you eat well your body will be healthy if you eat poorly and have a bad diet your body will react negatively.  Our skin reacts to your diet much the same way, if you have a health conscious diet your skin will be much healthier than if you had a poor diet.  For people with oily skin, having a high fat, oil rich diet is going to exacerbate the oily skin problem.  People with oily skin should avoid greasy foods, first and foremost but you should employ a diet that is high in antioxidants, vitamins and other essential fatty acids.  Anti-oxidants help your body neutralize free radicals which result as a result of exposure to harmful environmental factors.

Anti-Oxidant Food Sources:

The top food sources of antioxidants are – berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries), fruits like avocados, pears, and pineapples, and vegetables like broccoli, spinach,  artichokes, red cabbage, white potatoes, уеt., Fruits and vegetables ѕhоuld be consumed with thru peels. Nuts and herbs like cinnamon and turmeric are аѕ rich in the antioxidants levels. Green tea and fruit juices are аѕ rich in antioxidants, and are the best drinks that slow aging. Dark chocolate and oats are аѕ rich sources of antioxidants which makes them a great anti-aging food

Daily skin Care Routine:

Following a skin care routine that manages oil secretions is a very important anti-aging tool at your disposal and should be used as a base for your daily skin care routine.  Integrating anti-aging products into your daily skin care routine involves finding high quality products that are geared toward the oily skin type.

Cleansing and Washing:

All skin types need to use an effective cleanser and a gentle washing system to remove old product, make up and dead skin cells in preparation for repair and re oxygenation.  The most important thing to keep in mind when cleansing and washing oily skin is to not use products that over dry the skin and although oily skin is the least prone skin type to aging, it is the most prone skin type to acne and pimples.  That is why over scrubbing should be avoided to prevent the damage to glands and the blocking of pores. We recommend you limit scrubbing your skin with a soft skin brush to once per week.

Face Masks:

We recommend you also use facial masks, ideally mud masks for oily skin and you should use skin serums and other water based products that are not as oil laden as creams


Oily skin is greasy and oily and thus it is important to hydrate it well to combat this problem.  Gentle splashing of your face with water is important as is drinking a lot of water.  Keeping our skin well hydrated will reduce and limit the amount of oil production


Oily skin, of any of the skin types is probably the best problem to have, as it is the most likely to stay young looking.  That being said taking care of oily skin is equally important and it involves using products that control secretion of the oil and at the same time enhancing the health of your skin

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